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Invest in a disruptive, scalable cloud solution

Our Solution - CloudBasket

CloudBasket is a disruptive solution created and developed by Q.One Technologies GmbH in Essen. We want to make online shopping for users easier and provide them an inspiring shopping experience. Our product we are working on is CloudBasket. Thus, CloudBasket dissolves classic marketplaces. With CloudBasket, our partners receive a novel, scalable revenue model with which content can be directly monetized. A new way of shopping!

Scalable business model

CloudBasket is a cloud solution. During the development of CloudBasket, we considered various application scenarios to achieve relevance and reach with our solution. With CloudBasket we want to offer a scalable platform for both, content portal operators as well as end users!

Our Vision

We know that online shopping will be much easier. We appreciate the importance of simplicity. Our solutions are therefore intuitive, user-centric and secure. Together with millions of online shoppers around the world, we are launching an e-commerce revolution! Your shopping basket is yours - everywhere. Our product is CloudBasket.

Who develops CloudBasket?

Q.One Technologies GmbH is an IT company with experience in the development of dynamic web applications and customer-centric strategies.

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You want to know how CloudBasket can strengthen your portfolio?

Please contact Zarlasht Mohmand, Head of Corporate Partnerships.

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