Integrated shopping basket for your content portal

With the CloudBasket you create a world of experience for your readers - connect your content to various online shops!

How is CloudBasket working?

Our idea: Every product shown in text & picture should be available for purchase. CloudBasket saves customers valuable time allowing to check out in online shops without leaving the content portals. Currently, CloudBasket still works via a redirection to the online shop. Later, CloudBasket does this job automatically for your customers.

What are the advantages of CloudBasket?


Automated checkout (currently click-to-shop)


Overview of the income generated by users

Data Security

Maximum security through the latest encryption technology in accordance to basic data protection regulations

Multi-client capability

CloudBasket is multi-client capable and multilingual


Integrator is involved in every transaction and has all data


Simple integration and configuration via CloudBasket framework

Easy integration into your content website!

CloudBasket can be integrated into an existing content portal via iFrame or script snippet. In the standard package CloudBasket provides the CloudBasket SDK as well as user management for the end customer, shopping cart, watch list, etc.

How can you make money with CloudBasket?

With every sale via CloudBasket, we register the amount and number of transactions made. In coordination with your affiliate network partner you can indicate the sales generated by you. The resulting sales commission is yours. We take a small fee from it.

Who develops CloudBasket?

CloudBasket is a product of Q.One Technologies GmbH in Essen. Our core team works closely with users and customers on the innovative web application. CloudBasket is our own software product.

Why do you need CloudBasket?

98% of online shoppers abandon their purchase. We believe that online shopping can become much easier. We want to implement this vision together with our partners. That's why we invent CloudBasket to ease shopping and allow for less purchase determinations.

Why do you need CloudBasket?