Your universal shopping basket

What is CloudBasket?

CloudBasket is your universal shopping basket. With only owning one account and one login your personal shopping basket can remember products of your choice from different online shops. CloudBasket offers you to buy products from your wish list by directing you to the shops. In the future, CloudBasket should be feasible to automatically check out your favorite products from the shops of your choice. This means: easier online shopping for you in the future!

Why are we developing CloudBasket?

We believe that online shopping can become much easier. In the future, we'll see that you have your universal shopping basket with which you can shop online wherever you want - just with one account and one password. We - a strong development team with the support of strong partners and investors - are working on CloudBasket to achieve this vision. Because we believe in the power of simplicity.

Business Customer

Selling products without an online shop

With CloudBasket you create an inspiring shopping world for your target group! Make your content purchasable - without owning an online shop.

Investor Relations

Investment Opportunities

Our scalable solution allows multiple revenue streams. Become a strong partner of our company now!

Simple, secure and comprehensive!

In the future, your CloudBasket should give you the opportunity to shop in various shops. No long registration process - just buy directly from website content (such as content texts, links, etc.). Our universal shopping basket is a new greenfield solution enabling us to develop CloudBasket according to EU's basic data protection regulation.

Simple, secure and comprehensive!


Registration with one account | Check-out (currently through Click-to-Shop) in online shops | Wish list

...and convenient

Mobile, Web, App | Profile management for users | Order history

Your questions? Highly appreciated!

Do you have further questions about CloudBasket? Great! We appreciate your interest. In our FAQ you will find all information about CloudBasket. Otherwise just contact us!