Shopping can be easier!

We bring the shopping basket back to the consumer.

CloudBasket is a flexible software kit that allows users to shop across multiple stores with just one login and password. The software kit can be added to any website via Widget Engine. The user can add items to his personal shopping basket from the content of a website or by influencer recommendations, for example. The shopping cart remembers the products on the watch list. The user logs into CloudBasket at the desired time and triggers the order and payment process. Our software solution works fully automatically and passes on the necessary information for the purchase to the shops.

Why are we developing CloudBasket?

We believe that online shopping will become much easier. Our software solution offers the user exactly that: simplicity. With only one account and one password, the user can go shopping worldwide. We bridge the gap between content and shopping. Simple shopping with CloudBasket.

CloudBasket incorporated in content portal

Where can I try out CloudBasket?

Every product shown in text & picture is for sale. Consumers stay on the portal site and secure their favorite items directly in CloudBasket. Our software toolkit saves users valuable time by providing all necessary registration and login information to the respective online shops. The fully automated checkout process saves the user additional time. He only has to confirm the purchase of a product in his user account.

Investor Relations

Investment Opportunities

The scalable cloud solution creates multiple revenue streams. The universal shopping cart can be integrated on content pages via script snippet to monetize reach. Our partners do not need their own online shop for this. The software construction kit consists of many building blocks. Our portal partners receive a product database from us. We bring the shopping cart back to the consumer and are looking for strong partners on our side who believe in the principle of simplicity together with us.

Simple, safe and comprehensive!

The universal shopping basket CloudBasket is a completely new solution, so we have developed the software kit in accordance with the current guidelines of the German Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO). The user stores his personal data once in CloudBasket. The user data can be edited or even deleted at any time. CloudBasket has a digital profile and user management.

Simple, safe and comprehensive!

We are the developers of CloudBasket.

The team of Q.One Technologies GmbH from Essen is behind the smart software construction kit CloudBasket. We are happy to answer all questions regarding our software solution.